Faded - Lizzo

It's that L to the I to the Z Z O
Ain't got no time for the C3P0, wookie
Never knock nookie, but I'd rather stack cookies
Looking at the sunset the color of Snookie
Woman of the year, huzzah huzzah huzzah, give her three cheers
Killin' everyone up in the coven, witch
Cuttin' all these n_ggas, better sew up, stitch
Will Smithin' these hoes, you know how it works
Punch a n_gga out and say "Welcome to Earth"
I drop a mil, take off a scarf
Locs on my face like "I make this look good", ugh!
Capitalize your capital with a capital G
Giving out my secrets, man, ya'll better pay me
S_cky people marry s_ckers and they s_ck
Then they have s_cky kids, they grow up, then what?
They attend all the s_cky universities
And take our money like it grows on trees
Siphon to the authorities then get confused when we
Conglomerate to the inner cities
Perched on streets, being super sketchy
Skid marks on their knees, their hands in their pockets
They walking by real fast in case we got that rocket
BOOM! Slam the door to they apartment
That s_cky wife is pregnant with another s_cka ass kid
I'm askin' "When will it end? ", waiting on that meteor shower
To rain down and bring all these s_ck n_ggas to they final hour

Don't tell us to slow it down, we won't listen
We're twenty-somethings and it's 20-something
Greenrooms, drugs and liquor and hip hop
We're twenty-somethings and it's 20-something

Rumors that world gon' end don't faze me
I'mma get faded, I'mma get faded

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