Borrow Me - Lori McKenna

This is cold and dark, this place
You are broken, what will replace
The hole that has been dug here
Emptiness left where
Once I was so aware
Aware of you

You are quiet, you are meek
Unlike me so indiscreet
I am plainly alone
Once you open up, you close
I fell, I'm winning, then I don't know
Who you are

You came to me so battered and alone
You wondered how to go on
Life is unforgiving
And you need to forgive
Well look at me, your childhood friend
Who's never had the trouble to be stepped on
I wish you'd see
That you can borrow me
So push me where you want
Let in all the ghosts to haunt
I welcome such trouble
But what if things don't change
And you find yourself to blame
For all this alone

Well I have listened to your silence
These walls are beaming with forgiveness
You are up and then you're down
But mostly you're somewhere in-between
You should be free
Until then borrow me
Borrow me
Carry your troubles so heavy
Over your heart and then through me
Your mind's a separate matter
When your eyes are blind, I see
When your voice is swallowed, I speak free
And love you like I do

Well I am not an angel
Sent from heaven to save your soul
I am just a no good sinner
Who loves you more than life
You could be free
Wouldn't you rather borrow me?

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