Georgia - Ludacris feat Field Mob

Jamie fox-georgia georgia georgia georgia
Ludacris(chorous)-we only grind in "georgia" all the time it aint
nuttin on my mind but "georgiawe aint playin wit ya"
ludacris-country name
country slang
feinds at the liquor store
lap cruisin
craps shootin
50 on the tenor four
over cast
the 4 cash hoes
clouds from plenty dro
and we ready for war in the state of "georgia"
"yeah" dirty words
dirty birds
it's mean in this dirty south
you ever disrespect it and we'll clean out your dirty mouth
hood dogs clockin
theese lookout dogs is talkin
you gotta be brave i the state of "georgia"
i goit 5 georgia homes
where i rest my georgia bones
come anywhere on my land and i'll aim at your georgia domes
if you get in an altercation
just hop on your mobile phone and say u need help in the middle of "georgia"
we some a t l thrashers
scope your pumpkin and smash ya
we'll come in ya hood worse than the tsunami disaster
don't know who they ganna git
or who them robbers ganna hit
that's y i keep my georgia tech i the state of "georgia"
i'm from the home
and the bone
black eyed peas turnip and colli greens
we the jersey of the corn dirtied in bob marleys pee pee
g a
the peach state
well we say
my small cities called all in "georgia"
ha ha ha pecan country like catfish in gritts candy
yams in chit nins
and grandmas home made baked buscouts
the land of classic food for preices
and them harlem super sports
ingreidents in this peach cobbler are called georgia
i love them women out there in l.a and them shoppin stores in ney york
the beaches in m.i.a but they aint lookin like that g.a red flag
look in your map we right above of florida next to belma under that carolina to tennesee you'll see "georgia"
from gladdice knight to the midnite clame
the birth place of mr. martin luther king
where ass so plump you infert it
where lat trucks in on 26's
where you eithre gone or you'll be lost
find any palm trees here in this south
he's choppin the armor off this top
dowh here in "georgia"
now i was bourn in the bill of the bottom of the map
with a wet paint sh_t trippin
realy chrome wanna shake it when i'm in the trap
countries head aint no more
ohn they says we can't shake that florida
n_gga for for the finest
kind majority kinda small city
kinda called "georgia"
where they used to call us on manners
and now they jockin the grammar
watch ya mouth listen officer manner
but ya hustlas want know every corner like the whopper
highest in the danna all right theese cammoflouge
attin sovanna "georgia"
now you might come from vacation
needin probation
home of the strip club known for the thick gloves
but the chicks put tips in the tip cups
runnin thick chicks in a thong wit the bug b_tt
wanna git done won't be cheatin wit her like she's cheap
mabye she shake it like freak meat down here in "georgia"
when you see them confedorate flags you know wut it is
yo folks be cought in here that's why we call it the feild
i got a chevorelette here onj twenty six's
i'm from G.A G.A

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