Ho - Ludacris


Hoe You?s A Hoe
I Said That You?s A Hoe
You?s A Hoe
I Said That You?s A Hoe

Verse 1

You Doing Hoe Activities
Wit Hoe Tendencies
Hoes Are Your Friends
Hoes Are Yo Enemies
Wit Hoe Energy To Do What You Do
Blew What You Blew
And Screw What You Screw
Y?all Professional Like D J Clue
Pulling On My Coat Tail
And Why Do You Think You Take A Hoe To A Hotel
Hotel Everybody
Even The Mayor
Reach Up In The Sky For The Hoezone Layer
C?mon Player Once A Hoe Always
And Hoes Never Closed They Open Like Hallways
So Here?s A Hoecake For Your Whole Hoe Crew
And Everybody Want Some Cause Hoe?s Got To Eat Too


Verse 2

Can?t Turn A Hoe Into A Housewife
Hoes Don?t Act Right
It?s Hoe?s On A Mission And It?s Hoes On A Crack Pipe
Hey Hoe How You Doing Where You Been
Probably Doing Hoe Stuff Cause There You Hoe Again
It?s A Hoe Wide World That We Livin In
Feline Feminine Fantastical Women
Not All Just Some You Hoe Who You Are
It?s Hoes In The Room It?s Hoes In The Car
Its Hoes On Stage Its Hoes By The Bar
Hoes By Near But Hoes By Far
But Can I Get A Ride
C?mon N_gga Why
Cause You?s A Hoe


Verse 3

You Got A Run In Yo Panty Hoes
Even Yo Daddy Knows
That You S_cking Down Chocolate Like Daddy O?s
You Hoes Are Horrible Horrendous
On Taxes Y?all Writing Off Hoes As Dependents
I See The Hoe Rising It Ain?t Suprising
It?s Just A Hoasis
Wit Ugly Chick?s Faces
But Hoes Don?t Feel So Sad And Blue
Cause Most Of Us N_ggas Is Hoes Too


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