Greatest Hits (Skit) - Ludacris

Better than College girls gone wild (woo hooo!)
It?s more off the chain than late night with Miss Cleo
?Call me now for your free readin, who?se the father of the baby?
Disturbing The Peace entertainment presents the Ludacris greatest
Hits cd done by..... random white people
?Yeah yeah yeah c?mon what is it? give it to me now
Give it to me now give it to me now give it to me now?
?And I want to, you make it so good I dont want to leave
But I have to know what...what it your......fantasy?
It?s random white people uncut and uncensored and
Off beat as f_ck
?...and the ballin ass brothers with the candy cars
If you a pimp and you know you don?t do the hoes when you get on the floor
Drop them hoes sh_t.?
You?ve never seen white people like this you.. have never heard white people
like this
?You doing hoe activities with hoe tendencies
hoes are your friends hoes are your enemies. Speakin of hoes
Why do you think you take a hoe to a hotel. Hotel everybody?
It?s random white people doing Ludacris? greatest hits send all checks and
money orders
To p.o box 9999 Atlanta GA 30303. It?s random white people on D?z Nuts records
A division of Disturbing The Peace entertainment.

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