Howhere (Skit) - Ludacris feat I-20

Phone Rings

[Ludacris] Yo hello.

[I-20] Luda.

[Ludacris] What?s up boy?

[I-20] What?s up n_gga, this 20 dog where you at?

[Ludacris] Sh_t, over here at the Texaho fillin? up.

[I-20] Yeah, Yeah I feel that, I feel that. Yo yo check it out, yo you still got that girl, Stacy, you know from Valeho number?

[Ludacris] Na na man I think I lost that.

[I-20] Aww c?mon man I?m tryin to cut her man, you can?t check your holodex or something.

[Ludacris] Man, hold on let me see dog. Stacy, Stacy, oh Chicagho.

[I-20] Na na n_gga Valeho.

[Ludacris] Oh ok holdup, Stacy, Stacy, Stac?oh Ohiho that?s what you talkin about.

[I-20] Valeho, Valeho.

[Ludacris] Aww man yo ass here we ho again (this sh_t). Naw man I have it dog, I?m sitting here looking, I don?t see, Idon?t see no Valeho.

[I-20] F_ck it, f_ck it man, I?ll call Shandra in a minute, hey, hey, hey man congratulations man I forgot to tell you that sh_t man didn?t yo sister graduate today?

[Ludacris] Oh yeah dog, you know what I?m sayin, valedayhorian and all man.

[I-20] Yeah that?s tight man, that?s tight.

[Ludacris] Sh_t, man, look I?m bout to break out though dog what?s up.

[I-20] For real, sh? n_gga where you fin to ho?

[Ludacris] Man, bout to hit this roomsta ho right quick, somethin?.

[I-20] Aww n_gga you can?t come get me!

[Ludacris] N_gga I?m in the middle of Howhere, sh_t.

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