Interactive Skit - Ludacris

(Music playz in background)

N_gga 1: Ay man, don't I know you from somewhere befo?

N_gga 2: Yea, uhh

N_gga 1: You went ta Washington, didnt' ya?

N_gga 2: Uhh, yea I did go ta Washington

N_gga 1: Yo name'z Willy Beamen

N_gga 2: Yup, dat'z my name

N_gga 1: Yea, Willy Beamen, yea man, wutz goin on folk?

N_gga 2: Yea, wutz up man, you Jamez right?

N_gga 1 (Jamez): Yea, Jamez man, Jamez...You remember me right? You uze ta beat me up and throw me down tha stairz n sh_t

N_gga 2 (Willy Beamen): Well you know dat waz funny

Jamez: You waz on tha wrestlin and football team and yall ran train on my sista

Willy Beamen: Well you know, uh, she had some good stuff yo

Jamez: Ay man, ay ay man, watch yaself

Willy Beamen: But itz all good

Jamez: So wutcha been doin folk?

Willy Beamen: Juzt chillin, you know I got an internet buziness now

Jamez: Oh fo real? Wutchu doin, wutchu doin, oh you doin dem womenfolk, wut it be, freaky hoz online?

Willy Beamen: Yea you know how it iz, www. uhhh...

Jamez: Aww shawty, sh_t, shawty I had a computa shop, I'd hit dat sh_t up

Willy Beamen: Yea

Jamez: Damn folk, so wut elze you been doin, you be flossin dat big Cartier watch man

Willy Beamen: You know how I spend big money

Jamez: Sh_t man, I feel you, you probably got dat new SC too, dontchu man

Willy Beamen: Sc, well you know, it'z parked in tha back

Jamez: I see dat thang, it'z sittin on dem 20'z, aint it?

Willy Beamen: You seen it? Yea...

Jamez: Damn shawty, that sh_t nice man, I like dat

Willy Beamen: You like dat?

Jamez: I like it folk

Willy Beamen: Yea...So wutchu doin wit yoself theze dayz?

Jamez: Sh_t man, I got myself a lil internet buziness myself

Willy Beamen: Oh yea, wutz dat?

(Gun cockz back)

Jamez: Ridin, motha f_cka

Willy Beamen: Ooh sh_t he'z got a gun!!

(Crowd screaming in background)

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