Mouthing Off - Ludacris feat 4-ize

Yo I Am Going To Blow Up The Earth
With My Q 36
Explosive Space Modulator
Buda We Praise You Meditatior
Drop Squad Interrogator
85 Percent Regulator
The Educator
And The Almighty Creator
The Seperator Of Fiction
I Start Friction
Smoking Hay Without The Crucial Confliction
4 Ize Prescription
Microphone Jackie Stallone
Psychic Prediction
Egytian Describition
Of My Psychical My Flesh Is Weak And Its Pitiful
Spiritiual Is Hooked Up To Da Invisibile
Umbilical Cord Of My Lord
Kumbiya Devine Power
Remove Paper Of Tar From Every Cigar
I Slap Authority Like The Boy Ja Ja
Half Allah Half Anti Christ Superstar
Rockin Da Microphone Wit A Hand Like Dr Claw
While I 'm Hitting Trees
Harder Than Sonny Bono
Double Dragon Mixed Up With An Abobo
I Kill Villians In Slow Mo For Talkin Crazy In My Dojo
Got Nothing To Lose Like I 'mma Boxcar Hobo
When I Get Ludacris With Bridges On Da Promo
N_ggaz Wanna Clown I 'm Homie And Bozo
Cause In The Grandprize Game My Life Is Callin Like Dojo
The Name Sticks Like Holdo
I Keep It Reala Than Alien Autopsy Photo
You Similiar To A Spice Girl Going Solo
You Lost Like
Or A Dog Named Toto
My Statue Of Liberty Is Rebecca Lobo
Virgo Bust Ass Like A Mothaf_ckin ' Homo
Como Estes
Tony Del Negro
Built To Destroy These Kid 's Blocks Of Legos
Lego My Eggo Cause I Say So
Hold The Microphone 4 Ize I Stay Gifted
Manifested Elevated I Uplifted
The Elevator The Esclator Thats Not A Knife
Thats A Knife
Crocodile Dundee The Alligator Rustler
Cause I Hustle Ya
Unda Da China
Big Trouble Little Sewer But I Still Find Ya
Cause I 'm Thinking
Manifest Throw You Down The Stairs Like A Slinky
Yo My Third Eye Is Blinky

Corrections By Elliot Gillespie

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