Skit - Ludacris feat Raybezzie, Rockell Minor

[Ludacris] You might as well put dat down we on our way to Cali to get some real dough
[Girl] Hello
[Ludacris] waz up girl?
[Girl] Waz up baby? I miss you.
[Ludacris] I know
[Girl] When you coming out here?
[Man] Who da F_CK iz dat?
[Girl] Ahh Damn
[Man]I dont play dat sh_t
[Girl] owwwwwwwwww
[Man] Get off dis got dammn phone. N_gga who da f_ck iz dis? Im a Ol' G N_gga
[Ludacris] Waz up n_gga dis dis Luda.
[Man] Luda who n_gga
[Ludacris] Luda
[Man] LUDA.. Luda... Ludacris?
[Ludacris] YE YE Yeah N_GGA
[Man] ahh Snap. Aye man how you now my girl? Man i got all yo albums. Man Back For The First
Time. Man ya know what im sayin. I even got Incock Negro man. ahhh man My bad baby get up off da
floor. you didnt tell me it waz Luda. Aint dat a b_tch. My girl F_ckin Luda.
[Ludacris] Yeaah Ima call you back.

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