Still Spittin - Ludacris

Smokin on some dro, duckin the popo, kickin in yo do, comin in and taken all of yo hoes,
Still smokin on some dro, sippin on some erlo, haters are so cold cuz I get a hundred grand for 1 show,

(Verse 1)
Big dro Im smokin, feels like Im floatin,
Luda got the child lock like the doors broken,
Hit a switch and my doors open,
Suicide, my crews inside,
Hoe pimpin like do or die,
Businesses I diversified,
Street approved, Im certified,
Certified, Platinum,
Big guns, Im packin em
Bigger chips, Im stackin em
Silly hoes, Im slappin em
Different rules, same game,
Different gat, same bang,
Bought a jet, 4 mil,
So its different city, same plane,
Get off that Rolls Royce,
Pimp cup, hoes choice,
Candy paint is money green,
Its drippin wet and make hoes moist,
Waterfalls, Niagara, they droolin off my swagga,
Every verse is so on point,
Stay harder than viagara,
Pop a pill, keep it still,
Keep it real, pop a tag,
Roll a blunt, pop the trunk,
Pop the clutch, drive a jag,
Bend the curb, pimpin the wheel,
Im finna get my swerve on,
I overdosed on alcohol,
And now Im finna get my earl on
(Chorus x2)

(Verse 2)
My name is ludacris,
So roll the swisha sweet,
My whole city got my back,
But Im still holdin my heat,
I swear smooth up outta my momma,
And I was a balla from birth,
People feelins get hurt,
When they figure out what Im worth,
More than you could imagine,
Bill gates, whats happenin,
When I see you lets get a pound of purp,
And get higher than Aladdin,
Call up some b_tches,
Hit a couple switches,
Then write a 8 million dollar check and sign it over to
Chris bridges
I spent it all on cars,
Get a life time supply of cigars,
Or rent out a spaceship and spend it all on mars,
Red flags they wavin,
Dont ever get it mistakin,
I eat you up,
Better cover yo chest like baby bibs and aprons,
I smell somethin cookin mane
Get you while you aint lookin mane
Get down or lay down and get yo life tooken mane,
Ludacris, Im doin this,
Im the best you ever heard,
The preview to the movie,
Sit back and smoke some herb

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