Stop Lying (Skit) - Ludacris

Damn man I cant believe them hoes aint come over here man
N_gga I can, you told them hoes the truth
You never tell hoes the truth ::ring ring::
Man check the caller id, man it?s rich girls the Buckhead girls yeah yeah
Now gimme the phone and let me show you how to do it deep voice deep voice
What up
ohhh why you talkin like that
man f_ck all that yall coming through
Yeah we might I saw you blinging last night .
Yeah thirty karot, paid for.
Hey hey n_gga you wearing my mutherf_cking chain again?
Ah this the bodyguard trippin. N_gga imma whup your mutherf_cking ass n_gga
Get off the phone n_gga. Yall coming through though?
I don?t know I don?t be feeling like drivin
Oh shorty I got you. The new Benz truck
hey hey you took that rent a car back man we need (shut the f_ck up) man we
need to take that sh_t back for real.
Shut Look anyway baby yall coming through or what?
Man I don?t know who all live there?
B_tch this my house
Mama, mama I?m on the phone.
Hello who on the phone get off the damn phone
And clean yo damn room tell him to stop wearing my damn chain,
and stop wearing your brother?s damn chain.. who the hell car is in my driveway
Oh hell no
Ah oooh noo

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