Ultimate Satisfaction - Ludacris feat Field Mob

blow me a shotgun. we about to blow you a shotgun right through your speakers. we breathin life back into the music industry man. ludacris and field mob, mouth to mic resusitation.

lets go

can you handle it? ?eight away? bang in the back wit tha woofer like boom boom boom. wit my foot up on the peddle and my hand on my strap got the engine like vroom vroom vroom. wassup you aint neva heard a n_gga rap quite like this befo i got an addictive flow, that'l give u *satisfaction* ima make u satisfied even if it kills me. even if it takes the slower minds a little bit a time to feel me. recollect the 15 million i sold or the 30 times i went gold and if u take two puffs of this dro it'l give u *satisfaction*. ive sold the most and no ones close but im not meaning to brag its different strokes for different folks like angelina and brad. some keep the heat in the stash put 30 keys in the jag and if cops aint keepin ya tagged ya gonna feel sum *satisfaction* pumpin out albums like reverend ?runs? pumpin out children heres another one. so catch me on more 24's than ?keith? or southerland im bound to be the greatest im determined to win until then i cant get no *satisfaction*

ya blow me a shotgun (4X)

im tha one that went to the gunfight wit a knife, and won. left wit this pistol that left him dead ???an dying he shot an run, just because by first or second dont mean they dying?? not tha one when im done im guarentied to give you *satisfaction* i might not be the best in tha world but the best the worlds ever seen im all benny georgia's daughter ????????? when im diggin deep in tha splene ima make ??? scream baby get me hard like a snickers bar ill give her *satisfaction* yes sir them wait the hood away so motha f*** wat u say yall had tha spot but we took you off the top like a tupet yo coast we gettin pushed in this fiasco like lupe. betta

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