Skin - Marika Hackman

[Verse 1: Marika Hackman]
I'm jealous of your neck
That narrow porcelain plinth of flesh
It gets to hold your head
And I'd rather perform the task instead
I'll use my hands

[Verse 2: Sivu]
You told me of your heart
A cold tile cavern bathed in dark
And earthy roots hanging from within
To shed some light the fire must get in

[Bridge: Marika Hackman]
A searing pulse
I'm a fever in your chest
The burning sun I'm west

[Verse 3: Marika Hackman (Sivu)]
I, I am too naive (You, you are too naive)
Your lunar strands were lit in red and green
A captivating scene
A portion of myself was lost to me (A portion of yourself was lost to-)
But I'm not dead (But you're not dead)
Just a harbour no one's in
An empty salt filled skin

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