Back at Your Door - Maroon 5

Smiles on their faces you remember so well how it was
Nights in the back of that buick that you got runnin'
Your baby by your side told the whole world you're comin'
Work so hard to do what is right
Believed in what you're doin'
But so many fights
Trusted too many relieved to much
Workin' your life to the bone
There's a wolf at your door
He wants your money, wants your soul
A wolf at your door
You give it all, he wants more
There's a wolf at your door
He says he's playin' for keeps
Breathin' down your neck
Boy it's sure hard to sleep
With a wolf at your door
They'll take it away when you're not lookin'
Look you in the eyes tell you how good they're doin'
Smiles on heir faces are lies to keep you from knowin'
You're not guilty you are the victim
But you still pay for the crime
Don't look for truoble
It'll always find you in time
I won't be broken I'll fight `til I drop
Blood runnin' hot in my veins
But they won't be satisfied
Until they take everything

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