Cold - Matchbox Twenty

Well I will do without...the spaces in between.
If you could tell me now...what it means to be.

You have been found out!
I have been decieved.
By the one that I need...

Tell me why you gotta be so cold.
How'd you get so high...while you keepin' me low.
You dont know, you don't know.
Tell me how we're gonna make it last.
You're ready to fly, I'm ready to crash.
Don't go, Don't go, no!

You will go without... a better part of me.
There wil be no doubt...what this all could mean.
You will be found out...I can not the one that i need.


Alternate Chorus Line:
[Tell me anything about you, I dont know, hell I don't know by now. Know by now.]

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