Uk Visa Versa - MC Lars

Hey England... let's kick it.

Cops without guns and the NME.
Should I watch the BBC or should I watch the BBC?
Look at these crazy coins, is this Lord of the Rings?
Pounds and pence and Princes and Queens?
Flipside experience, well not really.
More familiar than Russia or Chile.
Up for cricket or squash, or the London zoo?
Look, you hate George Bush and we do too.
Fab music scene, though, UK bands are ace,
And you guys are the most polite of the human race.
Fish and chips, crumpets, bangers and mash,
Shakespeare, Donne, Sid Vicious and the Clash.
You love our movies, we kind of like yours.
We love the way you talk, "please help help us in these wars."
You stopped staying "fab," we stopped saying "groovy,"
Our Scotland is Canada; you saw the South Park movie.

I love England and visa versa,
American perspective in these Visa verses.
Tea time? Jolly good! Caffeine rush.
Look, a red a phone booth and a double-decker bus.

I love you England, so let's both ignore
The Boston Tea Party, and that silly East Coast war.
Oxford, London, and Guildford too,
Rockin' your P.A.'s when I come to visit you.

The Florida incident? Democracy at work,
But we've still got love for your boy Edmund Burke.
If it weren't for us, you'd be speaking German,
But then we gave you Hanson and Pee Wee Herman.
You gave us the Beatles, and you gave us the Who
We gave you Kris Kross and Vanilla Ice too.
You gave us "Chicken Run" and the Teletubies,
We gave you McDonald's and got you chubby.
You think we're all Trailer Trash obnoxious and noisy.
But that's just Springer, Ricki Lake, and Boise.
We're friendly and fake and proud of our nation,
Overweight, wasting gas, hedonic civilization.
We're sue-happy mad overworked compulsive winners,
Strong facade but insecure, just think Seymour Skinner.
We're obsessed with image, old age and fat,
Technology, death, and our dogs and cats,
The superbowl, shopping, S.U.V.?s and money,
Santa Claus, hygiene and the Easter Bunny.
But bigger is better and we love our T.V.
From L.A. to Boston, to Nashville, Tennessee.
And yes 1/4 of Americans own guns
In case you come back to punish your sons.
But Mother Britain listen, there's still a tie that binds us,
The U.S. isn't perfect, you don?t have to remind us.


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