Running up Freestyle - Megan Thee Stallion

He's on fire
Hot girl, hot girl, hot girl
If they say I ain't the baddest then the motherf_ckers lied
How you riding on a n_gga who be asking for a ride?

Okay, running up them bands, tryna ball 'til I fall
Running from his b_tch, he gon' come when I call
If it ain't 'bout money, then you know I ain't involved
Worry 'bout these motherf_cking haters, not at all
Nine times out of ten, I'm the realest b_tch you know
If you ain't want a pimp, then what you f_cking with me for?
If you balling and you know it, then let the money show
If he acting scared to spend it, I'ma show him to the door
Okay, now shake with it, shake-da-shake with it
And if the beat live, you know LilJu made it
And when I pop it, he get stiffer than some fake titties
And don't be worried 'bout who I'm f_cking 'cause you can't hit it
Yeah, running up them bands, tryna ball 'til I fall
If I'm with your daddy, then you know we at the mall
If I'm with a n_gga, then you know I'm in them drawers
You let a broke n_gga talk you out the jaws
I don't even chase liquor, why would I chase a n_gga?
He say I should be nicer, well your d_ck should be bigger
He said, "You better be good by the way that you bragging?
I hit him back and told him, "Well, that just depend who you asking"
I got an ex who say he gon' leave his new b_tch whenever I call him
Got an ex that say that every time he see me it's gon' be problems
Got an ex that's on his homeboy IG tryna stalk me out
Got an ex that miss it so bad, probably praying for me now, ayy
Running up them bands, tryna ball 'til I fall
In the Gucci store, finna tear that b_tch down
Money on my phone, yeah, like collect calls (Hello?)
P_ssy like a drug, and he having withdrawals
Ayy, money, money, I need more
Get it, get it, watch me go
I be outdoing these b_tches, I'm like Michael, they Tito
Not the one to compete with
You don't want it with me, b_tch
got2b Glued can't save you
When I come for your hairdo
Got the moves like I'm Rigu
Yellow diamonds, Pikachu
When I switch my hair to blonde
I'm finna turn up like Goku
I go crazy in this b_tch
I go crazy in the booth
He go crazy when he see me
And his girl go crazy too
And this p_ssy so wet, might have to eat it with a spoon
Always in bikini bottoms 'cause I got that goo lagoon
I don't wanna f_ck him if he telling me what he do not
I will come over and spin it on your head like bantu knots, ah
Running up them bands, tryna ball 'til I fall
I be off that Henn', so you know I'm off the wall
B_tch, I ain't the one so watch your motherf_cking mouth
Hot Girl Meg from the motherf_cking South, ah

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