Angel - Michael McDonald

By michael mcdonald & chuck sabatino

For the most part within ourselves
We?ve got all we need
And I don?t mean to make you feel
Dependent on me

But for everyone there comes a day
When you need some help along your way
When that moment comes

I?ll be you angel
When the going gets rough
(when your best ain?t enough)
I?ll be by your side
(all else has been tried)
And I ain?t giving up
(you can?t give up)
Not on this love
(you still got my love)
I?ll be your angel

There?s no doubt in my mind
Why I?m alive
?cause I feel heaven-sent
When I look in your eyes

Well, this old world will drag you down
Tie your spirit to the ground
But if you call on me


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