Gentleman Who Fell - Milla

Reaching over
Life to life
Feeling sugared skin
My poor baby
Kissed him so
To ashamed to lift his chin

A voice is speaking
He?s the prophet
Blinded by the light
A heart is breaking
I can hear it
Dropped when gone beyond my sight

Hey there, mr. talk too much
What?s in store for us now?

I don?t know how to speak to you
I don?t know how to trust you
I don?t kow how to live for you
I don?t know how to love you
The gentleman who fell before the court

I feel your closeness
Like a shotgun
A chill within my soul
I touch your finger
Know your darkness
Your passion takes its? toll

Can?t see that this talk is cheap
Let the suffering go

Repeat first chorus
Repeat first b section
Repeat chorus

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