Conquer - Mobb Deep

Do you hear that
I mean isn't coming
Yeah who want it who got the stomach ..
Good spill how you're prayin to the Holy Father
Big Lord i ain't even been in ..
Thought it was a game now you know is really real
Really feels deal press against warm skin
Aint' no turning back n_gga now you're rollin
Getting i show you how to ..
On top when they get what them bill was
Old show now i hate the cook ..
I'm seeing tears not a good look shown
I f*ck it let the little n_gga live
Yeah right had these other n_ggas up my whip
No mercy shift let me about
Isn't gold i don't let em and i see your mouth
And now you're on the floor just bleeding out
You know it's wrong when you see me in my clean mouth

We conquer, over power and crush come and get buster
We conquer, over power and crush..
We conquer, over power and crush come and get washed up
Yeah over power and crush come and get washed up move where it sweet that
.. team that you got over ..
Recap full of back please do repeat that
Queens that we got more in the little that
We used today dream on a bench now we can see this
She call the snap back of ..
Yeah soaked up no lot of boys back and show up soldier know it up
Come and get fold it up, you b_tches attracted the old it is magnets
She wanna fellowship f*cking when no ..
She .. i'm a .. b_tch wanna f*ck you just talk ..
Baby coverage see the kissing in the tree
Well i'll be piping and .. who feels like longer harder
This mom seem stronger .. meet music we conquer

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