Give It to Me - Mobb Deep

If you gonna give it to me baby, give it to me
dont play games, just give it to me baby
the way that you drivin me crazy
you can have it how you like it but we gonna get it on tonight
we gonna give it to you baby, i aint playin games
ima give it to you baby, the way its been drivin me crazy
no place in mind baby its going down tonight

Girl quit playin why you tryna stall me
not on the first night come on that sh_t corny
im tired of finger-f_ckin this phone
phone ?? and you got me horny
is you against me or is you for me
is you into big tees, if so you leavin
cell phones off so they wont be ringin
might ass well get ??, when you get home you beastin
motherf_cka already think you cheatin
homie wanna cry then give him a reason
im tired of you tellin me how its cheatin
girl dont get mad get even


[Verse-Young Buck]
Dont hurt nobody when you move that thang
you make a n_gga just lose his brain
when you make that ass clap and swing ya hips
put ya head on my lap then lick ya lips
come on dip baby dip, yep ima pimp
with a whole lotta ice, 24's on my whip
we can all take a trip, that after party
32 room mansion and 10 garages
make our own flick, have them real menages
so tell ya girls its just me and my partners
we dont throw dollas we solve with 20's
and theres more where that came from come get with me


yo yo, i just wanna get you hot and wet
im so seductive, i make 'em fiend for this sex
i just wanna stroke ya brain
for the first half hour then i smoke ya thang
this is exclusive sex, we a star couple
on the lee-low tho we too much trouble
and ya friends is hot and my friends is the sh_t
we can have our own private party at the crib
the haze, the licks, ya legs could sit
on top of my shoulders while im goin in
yea i talk dirty and we just met
but you feelin the vibe you gotta admit


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