Daydreamin' - Mobb Deep

-Chorus- (Prodigy)
daydreamin' of dirtbikes, and four wheelers
shoppin' sprees at the diamond dealeer
hats and jackets, shirts pants and sneakers
that brand new car smell
we sceamin' daydreamin' of penthouses in L.A.
the illest yachts, the hottest broads they make
can't wait 'til it's my turn to get dough
so i don't gotta f_ckin' day dream no more

-Verse 1- (Prodigy)
coming up we ain't have much, alot of canned food
cereal in the white box, with powdered milk too
my momz couldn't buy me the shoes i want
we put lay-away on sh_t that only cost a few bucks
its cool to have shelto, i had the libeaz
with the weak ass velcro, looking ridiulous
i knew way back then we had to step it up
cuz waiting in the snow for the bus wasn't us
me and hav' took the train from manhattan to cloney
every day and night, just so we can got songs done
we had guns, weed, and a couple of fourties
if we got lucky on the way, we could jook someone
we used to watch video music box
and pray maybe one day we could get a shot
outside, my n_ggas had all that sh_t you see on t.v.
from money that they made off the block

-Chorus- (Prodigy)

-Verse 2- (Havoc)
my day dreams, is more like nightmares
a vigi, bullet proof cars, souped up time shares
my friends did a turn cuz it's not they turn
or how the streets gonna be, when they release fur
when i get that million bucks, will i remain the same
or will i have to get at n_ggas cuz they sayin' i changed
will everybody wanna ball, be my friend and leech
when n_ggas put me to the test, have me clapping the heat
i used to think bein' rich, ain't all that bad
a far cry from what a dream, was all i had
do i got the right team, or they riding for cash
would they jump in front of me, when them cameras flash
is the 'pop police, gon' be up my ass
can't leave the heat under the seat, gotta find a better stash
gotta collect receipts cuz that b_tch uncle sam
invades your space when you evade his tax

-Chorus- (Prodigy)

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