G.O.D. Pt. III - Mobb Deep

Some of that 151 Son (yeah some of that bogus)
("What you got in the trunk?")
Aight, aiyyo Son, yo yo
You think that motherf_ckin n_gga's out there right now Son?
(Word, what he doin out here?)
Son we got drama with that n_gga
Be tryin to f_ckin front last week
(What, that kid out there? Yo, I seen that n_gga earlier knahmsayin?)
Nah f_ck that, go, go open the window real quick Son
Open that f_ckin window
(You gonna take him from the window n_gga?)
Yo hold up
That, there go, that's that n_gga right there Son?
Right next to the basketball court?
(Yeah yeah, that's the one)
Oh sh_t! C'mere c'mere c'mere c'mere, turn the lights out
(I got somethin too Son, that's how we do)
Turn the lights out, c'mon through
*sounds of clips and an automatic being cocked*
(Back up, back up, they lookin)
Aiyyo Son, I'ma hit that n_gga right now Son
Word to mom I'ma hit him out the window Son
*Twilight Zone in the background*
(Yo you BUGGIN Son!)
Heh nhah chill 'Zo, f_ck that
I'ma hit that n_gga right out the motherf_ckin window
(Ga head Son, go head man!)
Hold up (You want somebody go bust him!)
Nah f_ck that I'ma hit this n_gga out the window Son
(Ga head man!)
Sh_t sh_t'sh_t don't blow it up, duck down
(Yo let me do it man, let me do it, go head)
*two shots, eighteen shots, seven shots*
Yeah yeah yeah, yeah n_gga, yeah!
Yeah! (gimme gimme gimme gimme)
*two shots*
F_cker! (What?)

Chorus: Mobb Deep

(Yo it's the) G.O.D., Father Pt. III
QBC, sip lime Bacardia
Heavy on the wrist, cube-link, my ice ring
Drama we bring, yeah/yo that's a small thing

(repeat 2X)

Verse One: Prodigy

Awright now, pay attention to the crime rhyme Houdini P
Keepin you n_ggaz in perspective
Mobb, representative, call me the specialist
Professional, professor at this rap science
Up in the labratory, here's why your small rhyme bore me
Store bought rap ain't sh_t, my category
is that of an insane who strike back (what?)
I draw first blood, it's over with, and that's that
You wanna square off, forsake and slice that cat
You get splashed, from back of your head, to ass crack
Surgical signs to the end, with iron map
Which bring, apocalypse to this game called rap
Not a game but quite serious and yo in fact
You'll be runnin for dear life so far you might fall off the map
F_ckin with P, you need a gat
At least to have the opportunity to bust back
First shot the motherf_cker pack around world premier
Shook individual bound from blind fear
Scared to death n_ggaz fall to they worst fear
My retail's in braille, for vision impaired
You lookin for P, well you can find him everywhere
In a project near you, I'll be right there
I was brought up and taught to have no fear (now)
Live wire n_ggaz stay behind me in the rear (now)
Cowardly hearts, step aside, stand clear (fear)
My bloodthirsty n_ggaz got they eyes on you
QBC, lime Bacardia, G.O.D. Father Pt. III
On some hashish, to Embassy Suite, crash your party

Chorus: repeat 2X

Verse Two: Havoc

Yeah yo, lime Bacardi, gettin bent, crash the party
Handle B-I, bringin it to anybody
Physical damage, crowd control handle cannons
Hittin you ripped, leave your bloodstream contamin-ed
While you actin out of character, we observin
Drillin em down so hard, I know we felt you comin at em
Hennessee raps float like the Phantom
Runnin you up out of the spot in which you standin
Never second-guess a cat who hold gat
Concealed, but easily revealed and fast
Body castin raps to get your back snapped in half
and severed, impossible pain beyond measure
Sheisty living brought him to his last bread (bread)
Life changed around quick to one stead (stead)
Face full of fear, conquerin your ice grill (grill)
Tragedies, put him to sleep like NyQuil (NyQuil)
Givin a overdose of this rap potent
Potentially dangerous, fatally left open
for the roaches, scavengers, that's EMS
Funeral homes, anticipatin your death
That's the dead truth, check in the morgue, you'll find proof
Enough to make you think and stop before your ship sink
to the bottom, night owl leave the mark and spot him
You know the routine, face up before I shot him

Chorus: repeat 4X

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