I Won't Fall - Mobb Deep

Yo, you got these n_ggas running around like they head cut off
Like they gully when switch when i'm spittin' those dummies
I creep in the cold till my nose get runny
Then i'm laying for a n_gga like i'm waiting on money
I ask these hoes what the f_ck they want from me
From the gate i keep it real that's why the god love me
I got a shorty if she get down for me, when i'm out of town
You know she holdin' down the crown for me
Dog, god forbid if i die, don't worry kid
Take you with me sh_t p_ssy don't want me
My life's story was the henny, had to stop that
And now i'm focusing clear when i copp that
F_ck getting clapped, it be more like applause
Since they tellin' like broads, might as well be the Mobb
The H da A da V da O da C i'm the man
The myth pushing sh_t to the white league

[chorus 2x]

You can two face me, backstabb me
A n_gga still ain't taking what's mines gon' die trying
(I won't fall)
You can try to set me up and all that
A n_gga too much on point for all that
(I won't fall)

Don't make me be after you n_ggas like the Ku Klux Man
Throwin' my hoody, you know i'm burnin' that grass
Plottin' on how im'a murda that ass
We poppin' up, guns choppin up, yo whole staff
What's toppin the cassette, ain't nothin' gettin' passed
Cuz we gettin' fat, on top of that we gettin' cash
I hear you n_ggas wanna get me may god be with you
Plus you better keep that mothaf_ckin' thing right wit you
And if i feel you a threat to my well-being
N_ggas is bleeding you n_ggas better back up off the P kid
I blam you, and pass you to jesus christ
You be a ghostdog like forest whitaker white
Be a dumb mothaf_cka thinkin' P not squeezin'
Like palm springs the only thing beefin'
Is that gumball cus i ain't got talk for ya'll
I got big four-pound towners do yo new bounce


[Havoc N Prodigy]
The two-face n_ggas
The backstabb n_ggas
I felt that sh_t coming
Like that in the bud gunnin'
No tolerance for them n_ggas
F_ck the dumb sh_t, i hope you n_ggas die broke
While we in the plushes
Hotel Suites
Expensive car seats
Windows half-down bumpin' out mobb beatz
With a bad b_tch beside me
Raisin' up the volume
Know they hate to see that
And that's why we come thru

[chorus 2x]

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