Let a Ho Be a Ho - Mobb Deep

M, O, double B
I don't know why they wanna trouble me
Is it because they b_tch be s_ckin me
Or just mad cause they sh_tted wit the family
We be bubbling, up in the Navigator huddlin
While you frontin in that rental, cuddling
With that weak ass b_tch, damn right she snitch
And if I had in my misdt, she'd be biting sh_t

Hook 2X:
Cause a ho gonna be a ho
A n_gga gonna be a n_gga
No matter what the f_ck you think
Got cash in my escrow, never gonna let it go
(Hell mothf_ckin no!)

Chillin at the crib layin in my boxers
While shorty got bent spittin tha latest gossip
Didn't want to hear it in the middle cut her off
Lit a stog, smacked her ass, grabbed her by the draws
Bugged in the head but her looks turned me on
She tried to turn me on with edible thongs
Plus I like the way she sounded when repeatin my songs
From Queens to get to her crib didn't take long.
Said she had a man but was lcoked up in Attica
Freak off with the VCR to my camera
Afterw that sh_t that happened to Tupac.
Yell rape? Show 'em the tape jus playin my part.
Opposed to being on tape but the G that I ran
Had her tongue in my ear and my d_ck in her hand
When I thought I knew I shoulda brought my fam
Bring her to the lowest level and shared it with my mans

Hook 2X:

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