Live Foul - Mobb Deep

Yeah, yeah
Yo son
No f_cking doubt baby
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Its real, its real
Its real, its real
Yeah let them n_ggas know
Say QB

[Havoc] Everywhere that I go now
I keep that thing right with me
It is because I live foul
Shorty like blue piece coming
[Prodigy] I got b_tches all only back
I got n_ggas all in my face
It get serious it ain't no game
So I got to keep that thing at my waist

Which part of no games n_ggas don't understand
Your dealing with one dead serious black man
Whose first resort is to squeeze, second thought to breath
Love this freedom so you know how I be
And why these n_ggas want to pull me in
I ask myself that same question over and over again
It's a small world my girl, I'm smashing a friend
Ain't no love lost might as well join the f_ck in
I've been telling n_ggas how my gangster get
You can trace it all the way back to the infamous
When n_ggas out now was on infamil
F_ck a hotel n_gga was fogging a windshield
Wrecking my first wheel they was barely bulking
Now this dun language is the motivation of their talking
A hate in my blood you won't find one drop
But let a n_gga stunt and he will get dropped


Yo dun what up scream at your dog
These n_ggas been wilding since n_ggas been gone
Fake n_ggas stunt like their really that strong
You really that b_tch n_gga p_ssy, thongs
P that n_gga that will break your jaw
You get jumped by a mobb of n_ggas for sure
Who get cut bucked and left for dead
We get f_cked s_cked and extra bead
Partying with the ladies is crazy dic
Make you want to have babies and eat the fish
You won't feel safe in the same place as us
We make n_ggas want to stay far away from us
We make b_tches panties wet, they pray for us
Want to see a n_gga live and be safe as such
We back with more of that murda muzik b_tch
I'm going to bang on a n_gga that confuse the sh_t


[H] That thing is closer than blood and thicker than water
[P] You n_ggas is like fleas and guns pluck em off dun
[H] Scratch that itch then get rid of that b_tch
[P] Then we mobb out with the sixes looking sickening
[H] Thats when beautiful whip we tearing the streets up
[P] We got the big stash box so we can fit the street sweeper
[H] My duns keep it at any time its nothing
[P] You run around like you got a pass or something

[Hook x2]

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