Nothing Like Home - Mobb Deep feat Littles

[Prodigy talkin']

Yeah know...2002 man...approachin' 2003 man...where we takin'
this man?...where we headed for the future man...whats the resolution?

[Verse 1: (Prodigy)]

Wealth, health, and happiness n_gga
keep me from runnin' 'round clappin' these n_ggas
sometimes you gotta just handle your business
f_ck it, it's on me, rounds of shots for n_ggas
punk, I wake up everyday to cathedral cielings
jumpin' out my bed, wall to wall marble and pillars
livin' like the pharoah Tut, I'm blessed with life
so I breathe deep and give praise to the most high
then I, get fresh for a new day
I eat broccoli for breakfast and smoke my trees
turn on the flat screen to C-Span
see the elite strength, attorney general slowly gettin' bills passed
prophecies comin' to pass
we gotta survive this sh_t dun, it's nothin' to laugh at
I hops in the V, grabs the heat and I stash that
I'm in tune with Doc, Pac, and Huey, it's a rap.

[Chorus (both)]

I traveled the World, and been alot of places
believe me dog, ain't nothin' like home
and if you want somethin' done, you gotta do it yourself, you got drama?
who's gonna clap that chrome?
nobody like you, somebody like me
when death I'm ready for it in Threes
and me off point? c'mon now n_gga please
I'm paranoid, you know I'm burnin' those trees

[Verse 2: (Havoc)]

Saw alot of n_ggas die, some n_ggas survived
and those that did did it by the skin of their hide
dodgin' that long ride, the four-fifth aimed at 'em
and knew to fall back when them slugs came at 'em
on the real, for me to be here tellin' ya'll this
is like dice, then I rolled that Four-Five-Six
and never lost ever since, though I took that big pinch
my Brother passed away, 24/7 I was bent
drunk in my pain, alot of friends went and then came
and those that stayed understood a n_gga pain
and for a n_ggas problems had noone to point the blame
I was my own worst enemy goin' against the grain
somewhere along the line them pieces had to get grabbed
all this money plus family, sh_t wasn't that bad
all you little shorties runnin' 'round like sh_ts sweet
just remember these words from the M-O-double-B.


[Verse 3: (Littles)]

I kiss my finger, cross my heart, I'ma make it out these dark days
whether together or we part ways
I got a promise to that boy tatted on my arm
three strong, man, the heat's still lukewarm
who can you trust when your friends wanna pop your safe?
you let him stash in your place, now you watch his waist
vision the days, hear the ghost whisper
dogs we left in the past, brought back now here with us
cross my heart, let the haze linger
pour out a little liquor, knowin' God took a good n_gga
Thousand dollar slippers skirt from the scene he was just a worker, dog,
you were his every dream
I kissed his face like I never knew 'em
it was me, once upon a time when life was ruined
now the mink rope chain sparklin'
jumpin' out of bed, Thousand dollar slippers slidin' huggin' the


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