Rep The Qbc - Mobb Deep feat G.O.D. Part III

[Chorus: Prodigy X2]
Prodigy, Rappin' Noyd, H A V O C
(Rep The QBC), eyes on my enemies, exclusive
'96 introducin', (Yea y'all)
The Infamous Mobb, word to God

[Verse 1: Havoc]
To all them n_ggaz, reppin' they hood, it's all good
It's all good, 'til you step out of line
Went in the dome, out of sight, you out mind
Some like chrome, bag a b_tch like phone time
You phoned them, I regulate, who am I?
Havoc and Prodigy, will go back, like go blind
'96 combined, put on all the people, we all shine
Every mother of the clique created

[Verse 2: Prodigy]
Yo, the heavy metal king hold big sh_t, with spare clips
You see the clips when the mac spit your top got split
Layin' dead with open eyes close his eyelids
Turn off his lights switch to darkness, it's deeper then the abyss
Its street life, blood on my kicks, sh_t on my knife
You'se the wild child, kid cold turnin men into mice
I was born to take power leave my mark on this planet
The Phantom of Crime Rap, n_ggaz is left stranded
Shut down your operation, closed for business
Leave a foul taste in your mouth, like Guinness
POW n_ggaz is found, MIA
We move like the Special Forces, Green Beret
Heavily around my throat, I don't play
Sh_t brand new, back in eighty-nine, the same way
The God P walk with a limp, see, but simply
To simplify sh_t, no man can go against me
Test me you must be bent G, don't tempt me
I had this full clip for so long, it needs to be empty
The reason why it full for so long, 'cause I don't waste sh_t
You properly hit, blood in your mouth, so you could taste it
Quiet as kept, I lay back and watch the world spin
I hear thugs, claimin' that they gon' rob the Mobb
When they see us, I tell you what black, here's the issue
It's a package deal, you rob me, you take these missiles
Along with that, I ain't your average cat
F_ck rap, I'm tryin' to make CREAM and that's that
Whatever it takes however it gots to go down
Four mics on stage a motha'f_ckin' four pound
Speakers leakin' out sound and n_ggaz leakin' on the ground
I could truly care less the God gon' get his
Regardless blow for blow let's find out who hit hardest
This rap artist used to be a - stickup artist
Sometimes I test myself see if I still got it
A live n_gga stay on point never diss
Regard sh_t or forget the essence, from which I emerged
P is sick, so save that bullsh_t for the birds
Live up to my word, if I got beef, n_ggaz comin' in herds
We flush through your clique get purged

[Chorus: Prodigy X2]

[Verse 3: God Father Pt. III]
Yo, see n_ggaz lookin' at me
With evil eye, crooked eye
Dunn I know why
They despise, see we rise, kill a wise guy
My enterprise Cartel, we instill
Black steel on a hill
With Mobb scale, my whole fleet keep it real
The raw deal, to bail, destroy, conquer
Rarely wonder, like the sky, like thunder
Keep fightin', strike land like lightning
Increase power, solar, mind controller
The title holder, upsight when I'm sober
I stay bent, cherry eye, chocolate scent
Intelligent, vetern and cheddarin'
Mostly all time auditin', it's on again
Stick you with my devil horn again
Born again, wild hooligan
Pollutin' in a city near you
Comin' through, The Infamous Mobb n_gga
Whatchu gon' do?

[Chorus: Prodigy X2]

[Outro: Prodigy]
Exclusive, '96 introducin'
The Infamous Mobb, you get robbed
Exclusive, '96 introducin'
The Infamous Mobb on their job

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