Movin' On - Nailpin

Deception is easy and being loyal is not cut out for you
I hope this betrayal stands up and swings right back at you
Am I supposed to bury my head in the sand?
Or should I draw the line somewhere
I just don?t understand why we can?t work things out again

You, you?re moving on without me
But I?m sure that someday you?ll see
That you and I were meant to be
Keep moving on without me

Deception is easy and being loyal will never fit your shoes
You just said: ?it?s not that bad?,
well f_ck you that?s the worst thing you could do
So what do you expect from me?
To talk to him? That?s saying: ?man I?m giving in!?
I?m calling out your name
right now love and hate are one and the same

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