Still Shaking - Nailpin

I?m still shaking, from all the tension in one night
What?s wrong with these people, they always wanna start a fight
You say that you?ve been through a lot And act like you don?t give a f_ck
But I?m sure that deep down inside You have lost all your pride

It?s pathetic, the way you act you?re standing tall.
Desperation, the explanation for it all.
Now I don?t wanna get involved, No that won?t get your problems solved.
But that night still spins through my mind?
When did you fall behind?

What?s in your head, we will never know,
The things you said, they all go to show that you don?t try to understand,
There?s no one there to hold your hand.
You?re stuck, so you keep f_cking up your life.
But don?t make me part of it.

So now that it?s over and everything is said and done
For you its a mind maze, you can?t figure out what?s wrong
It?s seems like you don?t have a clue that in the end you?ll pay your dues
Cause your ?shallow? can not disguise
Your ?deep-down? is a lie

It seems like you don?t have a clue
i guess you never do
I?m still shaking from all the tension on one night

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