Cabdriver - Natural

Written by: Rich Cronin/ Dakari/ Robert Campman

Man I really don't know
doesn't really matter let the meter role.
I got enough cash to get me there
and I'm gonna tip you well
over the total fare.
It's just I really need a chance to think
take me to the mid-town
so I can get a drink.
I know a place on 46th
It really makes me feel better
when I feel like this.
Better yet there's nothing left to say
stop at Penn station or JFK.
I mean I gotta get away tonight it's 9:50
maybe I can catch a midnight flight.
Truth is I don't know what to do
but leave her far behind
and startup somewhere new.
I lost it all 10 minutes ago
and now I'm in your back seat
and don't know where to go so ...

Cabdriver can you take me away,
had another argument today.
Just another day when everything's wrong.
Just another day I don't belong.
When it comes to us there's always a fight
no matter who's right.
But it hit the fan for the last time
and I got to leave tonight
Cabdriver ...

Hey ... I really can't stay why I know
it's better to just walk away.
It's like our first date in 98
never would have thought
that we'd end up this way.
I know I can't change the past.
I know nothing perfect lasts.
What a wonderful waste of time.
Please excuse me sir, there's so much
on my mind.
Maybe if I spent more time we'd be alright.
Treat her like a friend of mine
we'd me alright.
I just ain't worth the fight no more.
I can't remember what were fighting for ...
ya know?
No no no no no no no no.


Rap: (Capdrivers response)

I gotta turn around.
I can't let you leave her behind.
You love her man.
She'll always be on your mind.
You gonna think about her day and night
night and day.
So listen I'm gonna tell you
the right things to say.
Just tell her you love her.
Show her your care.
Make sure you hold her close
and play with her hair.
At night before bed make love and give her
a kiss.
You run away know trust me
you will be missed.

Man I still don't know
I'm reallynot sure which way to go.
I guess I really need more time to think.
Head to 46th I think I'll get that drink.
And think about the time we had.
Put my head together weigh the good and bad.
Let me thank you for your time tonight.
It's up to me to figure out
what wrong or right.

(Chorus 2x)


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