Never - Natural

Written by: Ben Bledsoe/ Michael Johnson/
Richie Supa

Girl...Do you know I'm crazy?
Do you think you'd make a total fool
of me;
that I wouldn't see?
No; when I got your number
When I look at you it's crystal clear;
there's danger near

I hear your garden is so inviting
I picked your apple but I'm just not

'Cause your kiss will poison me
with a taste of misery
(And I might not live to see tomorrow /
my heart won't)
No, I would never let you stay
you would kill me straight away
I set the rules and you forget
What part of never don't you get?

I know why
You take me for a ride
'Cause you love the chase and taste
the pain
It's all a game
I, I won't lay down while you lie
You can't pull the sheets over my eyes
No compromise

You're always comin' on but I keep
Don't want to be a victim of your


If I touch your fire
you would burn me in the third degree
I'd be asking for some trouble if I let
you take control of me


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