Somedays and Mondays - Natural

Written by: Billy Charpin/ Dan Miller/
Christy Beu/ Candice

Me and a box of memories sitting On
the stairs
When you get home tonight that?s all
that will be there
breaks my heart leaving but it hurts me
more to stay
We?ve said it all before so there?s
nothing more to say

If there?s an angel out they?re listening
Won?t you tell me what to do
Cause the devil on my shoulder
wants me running back to you

Somedays and mondays are hard to
get through
Today is the first day of getting over
Minute by minute one moment at a time
Someday on monday I?ll be just fine

Me and a box of photographs
It?s suppose to rain this afternoon
The phone rang in the bedroom why?d I
think that it was you
And I?m talking myself out of thinking
that we could still be friends
But the minute I give in it?s just the
same old thing again

Every time I start believing
There?s a chance you might change
Reality comes crashing down like
thunder and the rain

It should have been yesterday
Blindfolded you?re to blame
It?s a pitiful world
Why can?t it be more logical to me
I?m losing my place in line
Gone from one to number nine
And it?s crumbling down around and
round and round ...

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