What if - Natural

Written by: Richie Supa/ Nina Ossoff/
Jodi Marr

When Everyone talks and nobody listens
The message is harder to hear
If nobody bends, something gets broken
And somebody pays with their tears
If we never reach out, then no one
comes in
How can we change what is

What if we did what hearts are for
Opened up every door
We could be so much more
What if we give more than we take
What if we don't turn away
We'll never look back and say, what if

If we were one road,how far could
we travel
And where would this journey lead
If we were a mountain as tall as forever
I wonder how far we could see
If we only reach up and never look
A dream is as close as a wish


We try to find the answers beneath the
wisdom tree
When love alone will lead us to every-
thing we need
When we don't know where to go, maybe
we already know


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