Everybody Got Their Something - Nikka Costa

My face to the sky
dreaming about just how high
I could go
and if I'll know
when I really get there
Taking off my glasses
sun pokes through my lashes
and somehow I know
there's a time for every star
to shine

Everybody got their something
everybody got their something
make you smile like an
itty bitty child

People keeping score say better hurry up and get yours
cause somebody else
got your spot before you even dropped
Seek and you shall find everything in my own sweet time
I'll take my chances
what what I believe is only mine

Busy holding on so the roof don't fly
keep you from moving on
so get it right
turn the tide over
like a love song
like a b_tterfly
believe if you hand it over
you'll come out alright


Illuminate the silly things shed some light
on all that's wrong
Everybody need it sometime
Sometimes the only thing you got is what
makes you feel like you're something else
all together
You have everything don't need another reason to be something
I've been on a ride and caught up in the landslide but I'm gonna spread my wings and fly...


There's a time for every star...
there's a time for every star...

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