Molly - NLE Choppa

CashMoney, CashMoney, yeah, yeah, yeah

Long days up on the block, a n_gga got a suntan
I'm looking back upon my past, a n_gga came from nothin'
These n_ggas say they wanna blast me, but that Glocky on me
You run up on me, kill your b_tch ass then I'll shoot your homie
The way I'm feelin', I've been feelin' like a star
Need to slow down on the drugs, keep poppin' these bars
I got about four cars up in the garage
And I can't even drive, but them b_tches push start (Ayy)
Pushin' straight, backpack, choppa bullets, rat-ta-tat
Bad yellow b_tch eatin' d_ck like a rap snack
Her p_ssy on fat-fat, you know I'ma hit that
She said she never had a orgasm, I'ma fix that
B_tch, I'm married to the game, I would never get a prenup
My b_tch, she playing with my balls, call her Serena
I be beating the p_ssy up just like Ike did Tina
She turned my d_ck white 'cause that b_tch was a creamer
She off of X pills, Perkys, Roxys, and the Molly
And I like the way she move her body
She gave me head in the backseat of the Maserati
Baby ride me
She like the way I ride the beat
Ride me
Baby, get on top of me, yeah
You was at the school and I was at the bank
I be smoking opps and you be smoking dank
And, b_tch, I keep a gun, b_tch, you keep a shank
And you know that I'm a shooter, that's how I got my name
I got way too many b_tches, mane, it's looking like a pageant
She can't speak no English, but that b_tch, she call me daddy
Just like a plane, if I see the oppositions, then I'm crashing
This chopper sang, make him dance like that n_gga Michael Jackson
Ayy, I'm a glizzy toter, like a notebook, I'ma fold her
She was slurpin' on my d_ck like she drinking on some soda
That b_tch, she love giving brain, yeah, you know that I control her
She got a big ol' onion booty, so I told her bend it over
When I hit her from the back, had that b_tch screaming Crip
'Cause when I get done she gon' walk with a limp
Lotta n_ggas came with me like the slaves on the ship
And my trap going dumb, doing acrobatic flips (Ayy, uh)
I got this Glocky up in my pocket and I'ma pop it
She popping Molly, she off a Molly, she give me noggin
I'm off a Roxy, I'm codeine bopping, I'm codeine bopping
The coldest n_gga in the game so you know I'm never stopping
She drinking Hennessy
She popping Xannies
She always on her knees
That's why her n_gga can't stand me, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah
Uh-huh (Yeah, yeah)

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