Shotta Flow 3 - NLE Choppa

No way, Hozay

I might just K.O., the Perc' up in my Faygo
Run up on me wrong, turn his head into a bagel
On the opposition block, just like a Lego
I'm big homie, b_tch, so you know that I got say-so

What you say?
Yeah, man, know what the f_ck goin' on
NLE Choppa, n_gga (B_tch)
Shotta Flow 3 (Yeah)
N_gga can get beat (Yeah), I don't f_ck with the police (F_ck 12, b_tch, b_tch)
F_ck he talkin' 'bout? (Yeah)
What I say? (Crip)
Ayy (Crip), yeah (Crip), yeah (Crip), yeah

Every show that I do, b_tch, you know that I rock it (Huh?)
The mic' in my hand, but the Glock in my pocket (B_tch)
These n_ggas keep dissin', I guess I'm the topic
These bullets gon' knock the knowledge out his noggin
It's Shotta Flow 3 and you know I'm a G
Beat my case, I ain't coppin' no plea
You say you a gangster, you say you a stepper
But you cooperated with police (On God)
Step back up then shoot my thunder
You ain't no boss, lil' n_gga, you a runner (Yeah)
This b_tch s_ckin' my d_ck like a flavored cucumber (Ayy)
D_ck all in her throat, I was touchin' her tonsils (Yeah)
Hit from the back, I was pullin' her hair and I ripped off her frontal (Yeah)
I'm pullin' his card, that n_gga a b_tch
I ride for my n_gga like Morty and Rick (Yeah)
Can't step out the house unless I got my blick (That Glock)
You can get your ass shot like I'm takin' a pic'
My n_gga Piru but I'm banging the C (The Crip)
If you coming for me, you get put on a tee
If you f_cking with me, you gon' sow what you reap
Let out thirty some shots out the Glock 23
Ayy, I want all the green like I was a leaf
My gang in the party, we came for peace (Shotta)
Put chops on a opp so his ass got beat
He got his ass jumped by a hundred some feet (B_tch)
My n_ggas, they steppin', I call them some troopers
You was shootin' at me, but you missed, you a blooper
And when I shot back, b_tch, I hit, I'm a shooter
Big titties on a chopper like I'm working at Hooters
I'm on some boss sh_t, and I'm on some gang sh_t, you can get your ass stepped on
She calling me racist, she was dark skin, but I want a redbone
Put his name on this bullet, the trigger I pull it, you better order a headstone (Brrrr)
And now that boy head gone
B_tch n_gga, you a snitch
My n_ggas they vicious, b_tch, I am a menace
And let's have a shootout like I'm in a scrimmage
Got dope in the lab like I was a chemist
Shot him in the teeth, they call me a dentist
Walk down on my opp, I ain't leavin' no witness
Shoot a hundred some shots, I won't stop 'til it finish
I break in your house like I came through the chimney
And I'm high as a b_tch 'cause the Perc' in my Henny
Two .40's on my waist like I'm rocking some Fendi
B_tch, I'm making sh_t shake like I'm doin' the shimmy
And she got a fat ass, but that b_tch really skinny
And she s_ckin' my d_ck, she in love with my Jimmy (Yeah)
John (B_tch)
You talkin' 'bout bodies, I got me a ton (Ho)
And I'll get a n_gga whacked while I'm kickin' cack
Smokin' on a pack and eating a honey bun

I might just K.O., the Perc' up in my Faygo (Faygo)
Run up on me wrong, turn his head into a bagel (A bagel)
On the opposition block just like a Lego (A Lego)
I'm big homie, b_tch, so you know that I got say-so, yeah

Shotta sh_t, no politics
We shoot like Stojakovic
Shotta Flow 3
Get your ass beat
B_tch, I'm Grape Street
Yeah, I'm a Crip but I'll wipe a n_gga nose
F_ck is you sayin'?
(Your ass retarded
Ain't know I was on Barbie
That was 'cause my dancin' in this ho)

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