Shotta Flow 5 - NLE Choppa

You know what the f_ck going on
NLE muhf_ckin' Choppa
The Top Shotta, you hear me?
I stand on top of sh_t
We doin' this sh_t (Go, get him, go)

I whip the pat like a container, I just copped me a Beamer (A Beam)
Used to ridin' steamers (Steam), I'm hot as jalapenos
B_tch, I'm sellin' out arenas (I'm sellin' out), they say he entertain us (Entertain)
Then if you try to tame us, I bet we leave you stained up (Ayy)
Whole lotta sticks in the house, it's a gun show (Brr, brr)
Bullets get him wet like a motherf_ckin' poncho (Brr, brr)
I don't think none of y'all n_ggas want gun smoke
Don't second guess this sh_t, I'm gon' blow (P_ssy)
Whole lotta shots when they come out the Drac'
Chop a n_gga up, then put him in the lake (Brrt)
Shots, see a n_gga, they call him a snake
Ayy, f_ck all that, Trick, shoot 'em in the face
Send the hit and the fire, he was dead by six (By six)
Got shot seven times but the eighth shot missed
Nine shots in the clip, coulda swore that it was ten (Yeah, yeah)
Didn't f_ck with 12, I was eleven again (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
I need me a trophy, the best to send
You n_ggas ain't straight, y'all lesbians
And f_ck your dead homie, I say it again
If he come back to life, he dead again
Try to find me, he gon' fight for his life (B_tch)
Swing with what?, I'ma swim' with the pipe
(He's not cherishin' ya)
I take his life, straight jacket music, I belong in asylum
Felonies and felonies, they're what they keep on sellin' me (Yeah, yeah)
This recipe is deadly, see I be drippin' like relish me (Yeah, yeah)
Ayy, ayy, shoot him in the head, shoulda had on the hard hat
We finish the beef as soon as you start that (Ayy)
B_tch, I shoot first, why the f_ck would I spark back?
If you really a thug, let me see where your heart at (Ayy)
If I say catch a body, lil' n_gga, you catchin' it?
If I tell you run out, is you really finessin' it? (Ayy)
If I give you a brick are you gon' sell that sh_t? (Ayy)
If you get in a jam, are you gon' start tellin' sh_t?
Where is the smoke, 'cause b_tch, I'm inhalin' it
Just like the army, we got some artillery
Can I free my dawgs, I'm being sincerely?
Another opp died, the n_gga, like seriously?
Damn, another one? N_gga, we shot him, and then we killed his brother
Damn, we 'bout to go get the money
You say he don't like doing drills, I love 'em
If my brother don't like them, I don't
Somebody tell him he in trouble
I paid too much for my mothaf_ckin' guns for me to scuffle
Gotcha young n_gga, I feel like Gucci
F_ck so hard, left blood all on the coochie
Money said, "Ooh," put my thumb in the booty
I be damned, this dumbass ho just pooped it
Who ain't with the murder, lil' n_gga, I killed him
That night he died, that was my idea
Hope my n_ggas slide, make sure he won't live
But this a lil' secret, they keep it concealed
My metal a MAC and I bet I attack
It's a hunnid somethin' shots in this Gat' so get back
He thought I was lyin', that sh_t was a fact
Got shot in his spine but you watchin' his back

(You say he don't like doing drills, I love 'em)
F_ck you tal'm 'bout, haha
(Straight-straight jacket music, I belong in asylum)
F_ck they gon' do, f_ck they thinkin', ayy
(You say he don't like doing drills, I love 'em)
You know what I'm sayin'?
(Straight-straight jacket music, I belong in asylum)
Uh, uh, lil' Top Shoota, uh, uh, lil' Top Shotta, b_tch
F_ck you talkin' about

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