One Fine Day - Nomeansno

Nobody has his own place in the back
He keeps it in order, a neat little shack
And every day he goes down to the beach
Looking for a clam or an oyster to eat
He said, Trn not unhappy, there is nothing to fear
I'm just trying to disappear
It's not unusual, the future is clear
I'm just trying to disappear"
He said, I know what I'm doing, I know who I am
I'm the number one fan of the invisible man"
He's covered in sweat from his head to his toes
But what he's looking for nobody knows
lt's not there and it's not here, he said
'Trn just trying to disappear"

Nobody stood in the middle of the street
Where he drew a chalk outline around his feet
Then he smiled and lifted his face to the sky
Flapping his arms like he was trying to fly
He said, "I may not make it to that great beyond
But I'll never be found with my feet on the ground
I'm pretty far gone but I'm still here
Can nobody help me to disappear?"

Nobody sat on a bench in the park
Waiting for the day to turn into the dark
Then he waved goodbye to that setting sun
And did a little dance when the day was done
He said, "The shadows loom, it will be night soon
And the stars will shine over a rising moon
I have nothing to lose, I have nothing to fear
I'm just trying to disappear"
Nobody went for a walk in the rain
I lent him my boots and my walking cane
The cane they found hanging from a tree
But those boots will never walk back to me
He's not far oft but he's nowhere near
That's obvious but it's not very clear
Nobody talks, nobody hears
He said, 'Trn just trying to disappear"

Listen man, never mind who this is
We've got your wife
Yea, your better half, your partner in life
You'll find her Volvo abandoned at the mall
Her credit cards are in the trunk
We don't want that junk
We want the money, and we want it in cash
Cause there are ten sticks of dynamite stuck togethe with duct tape
They're wrapped around her new perm, strapped around her little face
So don't do anything funny, man, don't do anything smart, or we'll
Blow up her head

Listen man, we've got your son
Yea, your one and only heir
The scion of your loins the chosen one e picked him up oft the playing field
You'll get bis short pants by priority mail
We need sonne cash to finance our political aims
Put it in your work-out bag and leave it at the gym
Cause there are ten sticks of dynamitestuck together with duct tape
They're wrapped around his little skull just to stop the constant snivelling
And it we don't hear from you by tomorrow, we'II
Blow up his head

We've got your daughter, that's right
Daddy's little girl, the light of your life
And all we want is every penny you've saved
Empty out your retirement fund and put it in an old suitcase
How do you know we've got her?
We'II send you her little pinkie
You can shove it up your ass and call it stinky
Cause there are ten sticks of dynamite wrapped around her golden locks
And only you have the power to make this stop
And if we don't get everything that we want, we'II
Blow up her head

Forget it man
We're coming after you
We have no political beliefs
We don't want your f_cking money
There's just one thing that motivates us
We hate your f_cking guts
There are ten sticks of dynamite waiting for you
They'll cover your eyes
They'll muffle your ears
They'll shut your f_cking mouth
Blow up your head

As I was driving around aimlessly, a waking dream occurred to me
That everyone I knew had died that day
That my friends, co-workers and loved ones, had all just suddenly passed away
Well, there were drunken car crashes, airline disasters, and suicides that were unexplained
And as I drove past familiar scenes, streets and buildings that were a hundred times seen
As a wave of contentment washed over me, I wondered what this could possibly mean
As the sun spilled its warmth over the houses and trees
I felt that I was finally free

But you know what they say
The world wasn't built in a day
You know what they say
The world wasn't built in a day (no way)

I picked up a woman in the parking lot of the local Safeway
Well, I had seen her face a hundred times but I never knew her name
And as I drove her home she laughed and she sighed and the strain of the moment passed away
I explained how my father had died, how I had seen his body and never cried
She let her hand fall on my leg and there she let it stray
When I dropped her off she asked me up, I politely said I couldn't stay
And as she walked to the door, as those bags of groceries gently swayed
I turned the wheel and muttered to myself, "No way, man, no way"


Sunset over the mountains and on the harbour that beneath them lay
In long shadows the traffic lights gleamed, red and green, they traced the way
Through a corridor of sidewalks, where people wandered at the end of their day
I drove to my space on the waterfront, picked up my guitar and started to play
Alone I sang for the people that I knew, for my friends and family, and for them I prayed
That no storm would come and sweep them up, that no winds would bear them away
I sang, "Your voice from my throat cries, your heart beats in my chest,
From my head stare your eyes, for you I live and die!
This loneliness is a lie! This loneliness is a lie!"


The streets were empty as I drove home, the air was cool and the sky was dark
Streetlamps cast their mockery of light over ghostly shapes in an empty night
Should I believe in the things I see? Am I in you? Are you in me?
What should I believe? Tell me. What should I believe?
At home, on the porch, the wind in the trees murmured a background for my waking dream
Where I drive through a city with labyrinth streets, where no one walks, where no voices speak
Where empty towers above me rise toward an empty, starless sky
Like a cold wind washing over me, I saw the meaning of this dream
I felt that I was finally free, I felt that I was finally free


You lie before me sleeping, your eyes flutter in a dream
Am I in you? Are you in me? What should I believe? What should I believe?
But you know what they say... you know what they say

I keep myself awake at night
I try to stop, but I can't fight
That voice that whispers ceaselessty
The one that only talks to me
It tells me what I have to fear
It spits its venom in my ear
It calculates and carefully
Enumerates its strategies
Round and round its loves and hates
It endlessly reiterates
It never stops, I've never heard
The silence of that final word

But I've got to stop talking, I can't stop talking
There is no stopping a brain that keeps talking
I know it's not healthy, I know it's not true
I don't even know who I'm talking to
But I can't stop talking, I've got to stop talking
All night and all day I have something to say
I drone on and on, though I know it's not true
I've got to stop talking, I'm not talking to you

The truth around my tongue is curled
A chain of words that binds the world
In a fever, all I
Is captured in my commentary
The why, the who, the where, the when
Let me repeat them all agai n
And then again my voice will sing
The praises of it's babbling
The arguments that I dissect
Are lucid, cogent and correct
And if you foolishly object
I'll Gram each word back down you neck


If I'm the talker, here's the thing -
Just who the hell is listening?
And if I am not tongue but ears
Then whos voice is it that I hear?
I swallow, choke, and clear my throat
Here comes another anecdote
A narrative of restlessness
Of what's been done and what is next
Does it love me, does it not?
Will this seduction never stop?
Hear the clacking parrot's beak
That speaks and speaks and speaks and speaks

I've been sentenced to all the things I had to do
And a naked Image grew out of my hands
A craftsman without tools, I fashioned these for you
Voiceless words and sketches of imaginary lands
Always just we two, the bunter and pursued
With every step I had you and with every step you flew
I can see the glow begin to fade
I can feel there's trouble to be made
My left leg is numb I can't feel my tongue
She cheats me, I know it I know it, she cheats me
Sing for us you little sh_t
Show us all your dirty tricks
For the fever we do long
Sing that filthy little song
This the rape, the rape, the rape, this is the

I realize now that all my tears have dried
All this pain and heartache was just my foolish pride
What difference could there be, what significance to me

If the moon should fall or if the sun should rise
Always just we two, bloody red and thoughtful blue
The naked image grew and stood before my eyes
I'm afraid there's nothing left to say
I can see you turn and walk away
My right side is dead
I can't feel my head
She cheats me, I know it
I know it, she cheats me
Now we have you, this is fun
From yourself you cannot run
Sing for us that serenade
What it's like to be afiaid
This is the, the rape, the rape, this is the

I walk around like a zombie or a clown
My feet are yellow clay
My head is talking all the time, every minute second of the day
My knees are weak
My breath, it reeks
My face is lined
I have no time
My lips are dry
They're red, my eyes
My palms are viel
I can't forget
She cheats me, know it
I know it, she cheats me
This is the, the rape, the rape this is the

Give me the push, give me the push
Over the side, over the side
Look in my eyes, look in my eyes
Give me the push, over the side

I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alright
I'm alright, I'm alright, I'm alive
I'm alright, look in my eyes
Is it Hell below or God on high?

Look in my eye's, look in my eye's
I'm alright, I'm alive
Give me the push, give me the push
I'm alright, I'm alive
Give me the push, give me the push
Over the side, over the side
Look in my eyes, look in my eyes
Give me the push, over the Side

I'm alright, look in my eyes
It's Hell below and God on high

Youth, I see
In your heart the red blood flows
Down like a river to the sea it goes
Youth, I see
Through all the trouble, the work and pain
You laugh like a child in a warm spring rain
Youth, I See

From the heavens the moon looks down
And the lapping of the tide is the only sound
The jungle lurks where the firelight fades
The stars are swimming in a moonlit bay
Women cry in their native tongue
Singing of the days when they were young
Hear the black eyed women pray
For all their lovers who have sailed away
On the altar the incense burns
For all the men who will never return

Youth, I see
Muscles ripple across your back
As you grab the rope and hold it fast
Youth, I see
Laughing faces at the end of the day
Hands that clap as the music plays
Youth, I See

See the temple on the hill above
A black bird circling a nesting dove

See the monks in their crimson robes
Walking single file down a dusty road
In the market the hawkers sing
Of aromatic spice and copper rings
Dice are thrown and rattling fall
At the feet of the soldiers on er) ancient wall
And the bones of those who climbed and died
Lie gleaming in the sand on the other side

See all of them dream

Youth, I see
A clear horizon the colour of lead
The sea is green like a blanket spread
Over thee
On the sheltering shore the breezes sing
But here the wind like a big bell rings
Over thee

A white-haired King with a withered hand
Bowed to the youth from a foreign land
Behind the curtains a young girl sighed
Basking in the light of his deep, blue eyes
The King decreed that the youth should know
Alt the secrets of his treasure trove
But never again would he roam free
From that kingdom he would never leave
The young man looked, the young man learned
And never to his home did he return

See all of them dream

Life-like, a place to live and clothes wear
Life-like, starting here and ending there
Life-like, maximising time and space
Life-like, a happy smile upon my face
All this and so much more
Light floods the open door
Blood's rushing to my head
I'm standing on the edge of

Life-like, crawling up out of the slime
Life-like, standing in the check out line
Life-like, eyeing all the pretty girls
Life-like, dreaming of another world
Where are my freinds today?
What gannes shall we play?
In their hearts I can't see
Nothing looks back at me but life-Iike
A million souls await the call to rise and sing
They stand and fall while in the clouds the angels count the myriad things
Divinity and grace have etched like lines face of God
But here it's very odd
His miracles abound but they arg drown sound of tapping fingers

Life-like, a face for every double take
Life-like, the genuine, original fake
Life-like, in the lies you tell to me
Life-like, a reasonable facsimile
Open your hand to me
In your palm I can read
Long life and happiness
It's just like all the rest, it's life-like life
In the morning I walk beneath a shining
My steps reverberate in beat with the m humanity
Those murmuts fill my ears but the voice never heaf
As I walk along that busy street and though there's nothing to seek
The streak of the tears upon my cheeks are life-like

One fine day
When I'm strong enough
It stand up out of this chair
And walk away
One fine day
If I live long enough

You'll see the back of me as I'm
Walking away

I'll go on and on and on
Across the Porch and over the lawn
And when 1 reach the street
See the dust fly off my feet

One fine day
I will settle up
Empty my account
And give it away
And on that day
Conversation will cease
The arguments and questions
Will fade away
I'll go on and on and on
To the edge of town
I'll keep my feet on the ground
But never again will I look down

I'll be on my ...

Maybe I have no guts
Maybe I love you all too much
But I can't sleep I can't breath
It's tearing me up, it's tearing me up
It's tearing the heart out of me

One fine day
I'll wake up to find
All my fears and heartaches
Have melted away
And on that day
All the mists will clear
The sun will shine
And nothing will stand in my way
I'll go on and on and on
With nothing to weigh me down

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