The Dance of The Headless Bourgeoisie - Nomeansno

Nobody has his own place in the back
He keeps it in order, a neat little shack
And every day he goes down to the beach
Looking for a clam or an oyster to eat
He said, Trn not unhappy, there is nothing to fear
I'm just trying to disappear
It's not unusual, the future is clear
I'm just trying to disappear"
He said, I know what I'm doing, I know who I am
I'm the number one fan of the invisible man"
He's covered in sweat from his head to his toes
But what he's looking for nobody knows
lt's not there and it's not here, he said
'Trn just trying to disappear"

Nobody stood in the middle of the street
Where he drew a chalk outline around his feet
Then he smiled and lifted his face to the sky
Flapping his arms like he was trying to fly
He said, "I may not make it to that great beyond
But I'll never be found with my feet on the ground
I'm pretty far gone but I'm still here
Can nobody help me to disappear?"

Nobody sat on a bench in the park
Waiting for the day to turn into the dark
Then he waved goodbye to that setting sun
And did a little dance when the day was done
He said, "The shadows loom, it will be night soon
And the stars will shine over a rising moon
I have nothing to lose, I have nothing to fear
I'm just trying to disappear"
Nobody went for a walk in the rain
I lent him my boots and my walking cane
The cane they found hanging from a tree
But those boots will never walk back to me
He's not far oft but he's nowhere near
That's obvious but it's not very clear
Nobody talks, nobody hears
He said, 'Trn just trying to disappear"

Listen man, never mind who this is
We've got your wife
Yea, your better half, your partner in life
You'll find her Volvo abandoned at the mall
Her credit cards are in the trunk
We don't want that junk
We want the money, and we want it in cash
Cause there are ten sticks of dynamite stuck togethe with duct tape
They're wrapped around her new perm, strapped around her little face
So don't do anything funny, man, don't do anything smart, or we'll
Blow up her head

Listen man, we've got your son
Yea, your one and only heir
The scion of your loins the chosen one e picked him up oft the playing field
You'll get bis short pants by priority mail
We need sonne cash to finance our political aims
Put it in your work-out bag and leave it at the gym
Cause there are ten sticks of dynamitestuck together with duct tape
They're wrapped around his little skull just to stop the constant snivelling
And it we don't hear from you by tomorrow, we'II
Blow up his head

We've got your daughter, that's right
Daddy's little girl, the light of your life
And all we want is every penny you've saved
Empty out your retirement fund and put it in an old suitcase
How do you know we've got her?
We'II send you her little pinkie
You can shove it up your ass and call it stinky
Cause there are ten sticks of dynamite wrapped around her golden locks
And only you have the power to make this stop
And if we don't get everything that we want, we'II
Blow up her head

Forget it man
We're coming after you
We have no political beliefs
We don't want your f_cking money
There's just one thing that motivates us
We hate your f_cking guts
There are ten sticks of dynamite waiting for you
They'll cover your eyes
They'll muffle your ears
They'll shut your f_cking mouth
Blow up your head

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