Blood Red Tears - Olive

Lighten Up Give It Up
I See A Chance To Make It Up
There's A Price For Every Day
You've Just Thrown Away
I Am All I Ever Was
Didn't Change The Way I Was
Get A Grip B_tton It
Cool Down Hypocrite


Couldn't You Find Her Examine Your Head
Here's A Reminder Blood Red Tears Were Shed
Didn't You Need Her Examine Your Head
Will You Remember Blood Red Tears Were Shed

You Dispose I Oppose
Couldn't You Resist A Go
You Applaud Your Reward
I Sit Here Alone
You Agree To Comfort Me
Every Day I Try To Leave
End Of Feud Your Attitude
Worn There On Your Sleeve


Middle 8
They Tell Me To Go I Lie That I Know He Cries So Unkindly


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