Outlaw - Olive

Two Faces
Playing With My Trust In You
You Cover All Your Traces
And Watch Me Relax With You
Creep Away And Do Your Deal
Return What You Think Is You
It Couldn't Be Further From The Truth


So Cruel Keeping This A Secret
Fool You Surely Are
It's So You Blind To All The Damage Done
You Go Too Far


Couldn't You Have Told Me Before
I Would Have Loved You So Much More
Couldn't You Have Told Me Before
Feeling Like An Outlaw

So You Got Some
You Brought Another Person
Uncanny How He Looks Like You
Except There Is Too Much He Cannot Do
It's Not The Problem
But The Way You Shut Your Mouth Was Real Low
My Reputation Tainted
I Will Not Accept Being The Last To Know

Repeat Bridge And Chorus X2

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