Signals - Otep

()Spoken in background

(You can say you love me...)

I'll be visiting you

(It's true)

Depression, my friend

(You can say you love me)

I sit at your feet in this dark room of regret

(you can say it)

Cold, Shivering, choking on the green gas that seeps from your nostrils

It goes

(you can say that you love me it's true)

born in a brothel as you wheeze and cough a congestive rythme until you speak and the vapors slither out and fill the room and i fall further into your heavy diatribes of doom


on my knees

(YOU CAN SAY YOU LOVE ME ITS TRUE BUT YOU CANT SAY YOU RAPED MEEE BUT YOU CAN SAY YOU LOVE ME (Sorry there is more but I cannot distinguish it, I think along the lines of being abused and that it cant be love))

Infront of me neatly in rows they're all sets of, of

weapons and other sorts of killing devices

a knife, pills, razorblades, a noose made of human hair, a loaded .50 caliber dessert eagle

full clip, one in the chamber, saftey off, an ink pen with a poison tip, a shotgun, a syringe loaded with pure f_cking heroine, beside me an open window whispers it's invitation to enter it's mouth

begs to... eat me so I can plummet to the rock bottom of it's empty belly

Or I could back out of here, slowly,

without notice into the opening day,

blind my eyes from the sun and ride this f_cking rediculous adventure to the end

and keep fighting and keep laughing and and watch my flesh die

still doing whatever the F_CK i want however the F_CK i want on my F_CKING terms

so be it,

(JUST LET ME (undistinguishable))

ill remain and earn it

a great life, a good death

every F_CKING day

and you know what they'll say?

They'll say HEY, HEYYYYY, HEY, H--Just look at her now! JUST LOOK AT HER, NOW!

No, no, no, no, no just...

(Look at me, look what you've done to me!)

I'm not saying not to do it, I'm just saying sterlize it... thats all i'm saying, no im not saying don't do it, i'm just sterlize it, sterlize it first. That's all I'm saying

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