Hub City - Outsmarting Simon

stockings red and spread your legs
follow them to where they meet
and show me what i've paid for
bite your lip and close your eyes
hide the tears you feel inside
for giving up what was yours
i've watched the women come and go
they speak of michealangelo
they think all of their thoughts are all theirs
i want to take one home with me
i put on my shoes and step outside
i breathe the air i "know" is mine
see everything i "own"
i've got a house a car and diamond reasons
and i can buy these "needed" things
because i did what i was told
"you could be holding on a rocket
instead you've fallen by the way side of life"
she said "but you don't understand it
this is how i choose to live my life and that's fine"
"i want to take you home
and dry your crying eyes"
and she said "well i just sell my body
but you have gone and sold your mind"

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