Don't Worry - PartyNextDoor feat Ca$h Out

[Hook - PND:]
Still got it, my n_gga
Don't worry about me, n_gga
Never worry about me, n_gga
Don't worry about me
Everybody say they got rack up
Show me the rollie

[Verse 1 - PND:]
N_ggas can't count me out cause these n_ggas countin' on me
Hoes wanna come see a boy now cause hoes wanna f_ck with me
Subsidized housing is a project
Poppa never taught me how to cock it
Poppa just taught me how to respect it
Sauga City taught me how to pop it
Bullets don't come with a nina
Gun's don't with a Killer, Gun's don't come for vanilla
The choppa' only coming for a n_gga
Choppa can tell when tequila screw up like Ikea, kea, kea
She look like Aaliyah, liyah, liyah, liyah
That's how I treat her, treat her, treat her, treat her
Bad lil' whoadie

[Bridge - PND:]
Rollie rollie that came with that roll
All as a kid I was dreaming 'bout more
You f_cking with me I got more by the North
Ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, you know I got it


[Verse 2 - Ca$h Out:]
Everyday a n_gga birthday so I need a bigger cake
These n_ggas paying for these b_tches, man I'm chilling tryna' find me some real estate
Bases loaded eatin' good over here, b_tch tell the waiter bring some dinner plates
Everybody keep saying that I'm in the lead, didn't know I was in a race
Excuse the Versace that's sitting on the floor
I'm pimping and Party singing to your ho
I told my other girl that I might be late, one way pocket so you know a n_gga straight
On another note, yeah you know, I still got it in the glove with the pocket rocket
Step in the building, b_tches get excited, have you ever seen a female riot?
Ooh, gettin' too close then somebody might shoot you
I left the bullsh_t in the past, n_gga I can see the future
Ray Charles-Ray Bans, all I see is money, all I see is honeys
In the club blowing your budget
Now the haters gon' hate, but the b_tches love it



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