Act Of Love - Pearl Jam feat Neil Young

The port of love was in the future
Around the corner, and over the hill
The act of love was slowly pounding, slowly pounding, slowly pounding...

The Holy War was slowly building
And we're all sqeezing from the plane cruisin'
Seek reward in the ever after, ever after, ever after...

Don't want to leave you baby
Don't wanna act like that
Don't wanna ever hurt you baby, treat you bad...yeah...

You know I'll always help you baby
I travel, I put you back
You know I'll always help you baby, here's my blood, call me sometime...

Act of love (4x)

Did I keep you at the demonstration
With your friends, f_cked up all their days
A friend at heart, and then we'll stay here...
Swingin' after, but your friends knew...

The fruit of love is in the future
Around the corner and over the hills
The act of love is slowly poundin', slowly poundin', slowly poundin'...

Act of love (8x)

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