Bugs - Pearl Jam

All These
I Got Bugs I Got Bugs In My Room
Bugs In My Bed Bugs In My Ears
Their Eggs In My Head
Bugs In My Pockets Bugs In My Shoes
Bugs In The Way I Feel About You
Bugs On My Window Trying To Get In
They Don't Go Nowhere Waiting Waiting
Bugs On My Ceiling Crowded The Floor
Standing Sitting Kneeling A Few Block The Door
And Now The Questions
Do I Kill Them Become Their Friend
Do I Eat Them Raw Or Well Done
Do I Trick Them I Don't Think They're That Dumb
Do I Join Them Looks Like That's The One
I Got Bugs On My Skin Tickle My Nausea
I Let It Happen Again They're Always Taking Over
I See They Surround Me I See See Them Deciding My Fate
Oh That Which Was Once Was Once Up To Me Now It's Too Late
I Got Bugs In My Room One On One
That's When I Had A Chance
I'll Just Stop Now I'll Become Naked And With Them I'll Become One

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