Off He Goes - Pearl Jam

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Know A Man His Face Seemed Pulled And Tense
Like He's Riding On A Motorbike In The Strongest Winds
So I Approach With Tact
Suggest That He Should Relax But He's Always Moving Much Too Fast

Said He'll See Me On The Flipside Of This Trip He's Taking For A Ride
He's Been Taking Too Much On
There He Goes With His Perfectly Unkept Clothes
There He Goes

He's Yet To Come Back But I See His Picture
It Doesn't Look The Same Up On The Rack
We Go Way Back

I Wonder About His Insides
It's Like His Thoughts Are Too Big For His Size
He's Been Taken Where I Don't Know
Off He Goes With His Perfectly Unkept Hope
There He Goes

And Now I Rub My Eyes For He Has Returned
Seems My Preconceptions Are What Should Have Been Burned
For He Still Smiles And He's Still Strong
Nothing's Changed But The Surrounding Bullsh_t That Has Grown
And Now He's Home And We're Laughing Like We Always Did My Same Old Same Old Friend
Until A Quarter To Ten I Saw The Strain Creep In
He Seems Distracted And I Know Just What Is Going To Happen Next
Before His First Step He Is Off Again

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