Coke Whore - Peppermint Creeps

A long long time ago
I had a bit of blow
So I went out to my favorite bar

Saw a pretty girl across the room
Went over to make a move
She said she only dates rockstars

I tought she had some f_cking nerve
What she said next was so absurde
I knew she wasn't interested in me, Oh no

There was only onde thing on her mind
Cuz what I had she couldn't find
It was all too clear to see

She said "Oh hey, there by the way
I mean, Um what I'm trying to say
Well like you know what I mean

I think you've got waht I need
So if you wanna be with me
As long as it not smack or speed
What I'm really trying to say is..."

I want your drugs
Don't want no conversation
But you're holding we can talk all night
I want your drugs
Don't want have no relation
But if you got some you'll get some tonight
All night

Not too long ago
I went out to a show
Don't recall the band I went to see
Saw a hot girl at the front of the stage
She looked like Betty Page
As I Looked at her she came to me Oh no

I thought she had some f_cking nerve
Don't know just waht she heard
What people had been saying about me

As long as it's not crack or speed
What I'm really trying to say is...

I want your drugs
For hallucination
Just trip me out and baby I'll stay the night

Whoo what a crack whore

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