All Cried out - Peter Andre

You said I give you so much love it lit the stars
Now I'm left wondering where they are
You said you'd never be the one
To give up on us

And You said you wouldn't be a part of me
Erasing all our history
Oh now where is the love
I never thought I'd get over you
But I'm stronger now
(Yes I am)

Can't you see I'm all cried out
Not a word left to say now
No turning back
Can't you see I'm all cried out
I stand alone
No there's no doubt
I'm all cried out

You Said your world would only be complete
By loving every part of me
So I wonder why
Watching the stranger unfold some how
And so all that's grown
Is left unkown

You know that I
I wanna know
Where and how and why
All the answers left unsaid
Guess its over now


There no looking back (No)
I can't know
Cuz it always seems to come back to goodbye
If only you could turn (all)
Your love around
I'd give it all my very all
No I'd never let you go


(Cuz I stand alone)

All Cried Out, All Cried Out, All Cried Out

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